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About Us

Professionalism. Excellence. Timeliness.

  • Founded:  2005 by Rob Johnston

  • Primary Focus:  In-Situ remediation of hydrocarbon and Sodium based contamination.

  • Experience:  Employees and Consultants have in excess of 90 years of combined remediation experience.

  • Products:  Offers a broad array of remediation product to meet any need.

  • Mission:  Provide the Oil and Gas Industry-based companies with safe, timely and cost-effective  alternatives for cleaning and remediation of sodium and hydrocarbon contamination.

  • Objective:  Complete restoration of contaminated soils.

Remediation & Applied Technology, (R&A) is a full service soil and groundwater in-situ remediation of hydrocarbon and salt water contamination company, utilizing the most advanced surface and sub-surface technologies. We are dedicated to providing the highest level of customer care while restoring and improving the environment. R&A specialists are trained to work with oil and pipeline companies, insurance underwriters, environmental consultants, municipalities, and land owners. Our goal is to save companies money, while using the highest quality natural and organic means to minimize environmental impacts. 

Primary Focus: 

  • Remediation of Crude Oil Contamination

  • Remediation of Sodic and Saline Soils

  • Remediation of Condensates and other hydrocarbon by-products.

Secondary Focus:

  • Phase 1 Preparation Pre or Post sale of properties.

  • Remediation System Design, Installation, Operation, and Maintenance 

  • Site Assessments / Due Diligence Audits 

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