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Salt Remediation

Produced salt water is a by-product that is brought to the surface with crude oil. Spills of this nature are a widespread concern for environmental officials, land managers, petroleum companies and land owners. Because this highly sodic water is devastating to fields and pastures, timely remediation is critical to avoid long-reaching environmental impact. Our Remediation Xperts are on call 24/7 to expedite the clean-up procedure.

Salt water spills can pose a tremendous cost to the producer, as well as a serious risk to vegetation. Our goal is to save companies money while providing high quality products and minimize the environmental impact. Our methodology utilizes 100% nano particulated calcium products to provide natural cationic transfer eliminating sodium (salt) in the soil, and because remediation can be done in-situ (in place), cost is reduced to a fraction of the traditional “dig and haul” method. Our remediation process creates a perfect environment that allows crop production and plant growth to return quickly and thrive in an area that was once a detrimental site, with little or no chance of plant life.

Salt Science

  • Salt Water spills are more detrimental to the environment and more difficult to clean. 

  • Salt Contamination is PROGRESSIVE !

  • Must be handled with care:

          -  Do not flush with fresh water. (Usually)

          -  Do not allow salt spills to sit without treatment.

          -  Water and time convert salt spills from salinity to sodicity.

          -  CEC :  Cation Exchange Capacity
             Clay Density
             Measures the extent to which a given soil can hold sodium.

          -  SAR :  Sodium Absorption Ratio
             Free salt available for binding within a soil matrix

          -  ESP % :  Exchangeable Sodium Percentage
             Percentage of sodium bound to the receptor points within a soil matrix

  • Calcium Requirements are dictated by chemistry and science.

          -  Gypsum  147lbs *(ESP% - target ESP%) * (CEC) * (depth ft. * acres)

          -  Salt Rx   5.9gls *(ESP% - target ESP%) * (CEC) * (depth ft. * acres)

          -  NaClean  6.5gls * (ESP% - target ESP%) * (CEC) * (depth ft. * acres)

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Na+Clean quickly displaces harmful sodium with a highly concentrated source of calcium, ammonium, potassium and other vital soil nutrients helping to restore salt contaminated soils and vegetation to their natural growing conditions.

  • All Liquid Solution

  • Pre-Blended

  • Rapid Remediation

  • Ease of Application

Salt Rx is a nano-particlated calcium suspension that utilizes organic acid activators for solubilizing the calcium. Once applied, the activated calcium binds through cationic transfer to the clay molecules stripping sodium and replenishing the soil.  

  • All Liquid Solution

  • Contains no Nitrates or Chlorides

  • Rapid Remediation

  • Ease of Application

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